Podcast with the Kenya Diaspora Alliance

Pangea Connect partnership with Kenya Diaspora Alliance​ It was an honor to do this podcast with Dr. Shem Ochuodho on behalf of the Kenya Diaspora Alliance who are our allies in our quest to double diaspora remittances to Kenya by 2030 and drive the same into profitable investments. In this episode, we discuss the opportunities […]

What our diaspora investors say about us

“I cannot speak highly enough about Pangea Connect and their team. I have been in the space of contributing to the continent in many ways, sometimes I admit blindfold. Having Pangea Connect to simplify the process and validate the quality and promote a new modern way to contribute is uplifting. I cannot wait for the […]

What our startup say about us

The balance between being investor ready and making socio-economic impact is one that startups have to keep in check, and the investor-readiness program is where it all happens. To qualify for the investor-readiness program, a startup needs to have been in operation for at least three years and making profit; and also be impact-driven. In […]