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Country Objectives

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1. Diaspora mapping report

Develop a mapping report to analyze diaspora remittance to Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. By identifying how remittance is being allocated in terms of consumption, investment and other areas. The mapping report will be developed to provide better insight to the development sector and other stakeholders in how the diaspora can play a bigger role in supporting SME’’s.

2. Diaspora fundraising pilot

Develop a simple and innovative technology platform for donation/investment by the diaspora and influencers. The fundraising tool will support startups in Kenya for the pilot to demonstrate impact by improving their ability to grow. This activity also includes presenting and implementing a strategy to engage diaspora in Nordic countries. This activity will also demonstrate a strong catalytic effect to show donors that this is a project that drives value for money. After successful results in Kenya this activity will be scaled to Ethiopia and Somalia (Phase 2)

3. Islamic financing solutions

Develop a simple and innovative technology platform within Islamic financing in collaboration with partners to help startups with fundraising, financial inclusion and mobilize resources. After successful results in Kenya this activity will be scaled to Ethiopia and Somalia (Phase 2)

4.Institutional partnership solutions

In dialogue with relevant Swedish Embassies develop a report on potential institutional partnership solutions for each of the partner countries in the full-scale project. Present how coordination and value addition to other similar initiatives can be secured, including programs and partners already receiving Swedish funding

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Read the Diaspora Mapping Study (1)

Findings/learnings in Somalia - Mapping report


Validation workshops in Somalia

As part of launching Pangea’s mapping report for the diaspora we organized a validation workshop for Somalia. The validation workshops included key stakeholders from Somalia to discuss the findings of the diaspora report. The report also discusses the perspective of islamic finance with an emphasis on opportunities and challenges.

Our diaspora mapping reports have been captured by several media outlets such as BBC, KTN, amongst others. Here you can access some of our 30+ news articles generated during the inception phase of the Diaspora Investment project

Our focus has been co-creating the solution together with the African diaspora

The development process has been designed as a co-creation process to enable the African diaspora to be involved in the development process. This has been achieved by organizing a series of interviews, roundtable discussion and workshops. 


Our Startup Program

We have worked with 29 startups from Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia in our investor readiness program. Learn more about the project and some of our startups in the program



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