Remittance, Data and evidence

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Our ambition is to mobilize new resources for the 2030 agenda on Sustainable Development Goal through innovative methods beyond today’s development collaboration. The purpose of the diaspora mapping report conducted in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia is to provide data and insight into how remittances are used in addition to:

Read the Diaspora Mapping Study


Validation workshops in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia

As part of launching Pangea’s mapping report for the diaspora we organized a validation workshop for Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. The validation workshops included key stakeholders from each country to discuss the findings of the diaspora report. The report also discusses the perspective of islamic finance in each country with an emphasis on opportunities and challenges.


Our diaspora mapping reports have been captured by several media outlets such as BBC, KTN, amongst others. Here you can access some of our 30+ news articles generated during the inception phase of the Diaspora Investment project


Stakeholder engagements and events

During the inception phase Pangea has organized many stakeholder roundtable discussions and events as part of our exploratory journey. These interactive events have played a key role in engaging relevant diaspora stakeholder, government, innovation ecosystem etc. You can find some of our events and roundtable discussions here:

Finance institutions engagement session

Stakeholder engagement event

Somalia stakeholder engagement event

Stakeholder engagement event

Startup call for application

Stakeholder engagement event

Finance institutions engagement session

Stakeholder engagement event