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A core focus area in this project is to share our learnings and contribute to public good in our mission to enable others to succeed. In this section you can find all the research, insights and other material developed as part of the innovation process of the Pangea investment platform.

Our partnership with Sida LAB

What is Pangea Connect

The innovation process consisted of the following steps

Diaspora interviews and insight

Development of diaspora segments and profiles

The investment journey and selection of startups/SME’s

The brand identity and name process

The technical development of the investment platform

Launch and testing of the platform

Learnings and iteration

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Results achieved during the one year pilot:

Our focus has been co-creating the solution together with the African diaspora

The development process has been designed as a co-creation process to enable the African diaspora to be involved in the development process. This has been achieved by organizing a series of interviews, roundtable discussion and workshops. 

We have worked with 29 startups from Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia in our investor readiness program. Learn more about the project and some of our startups in the program



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